Bad Smells Come From Burnt Wholesale Warehouse in Lae

Seven days after two more buildings were burnt down in Lae, including a wholesale warehouse, residents and businesses nearby have complained of a foul smell emanating from the building.

Families and employees’ on Malaita Street have demanded authorities to complete their fire investigations and clean up the decaying goods in Pelgens wholesale.


They say the stench of decaying products got worse throughout the week.


Pelgens has released a Public Notice, stating that its Freezers are located at another site, but the smell has been causing great discomfort to the public.


Sheila Yanda stays at a residential area, about a hundred meters away from the site. She says it has been a struggle to get fresh air in the area.


Sharing the same street within the same block are other business houses, who have also spoken off record, that the foul smell which has been causing real problems for them.


BNBM Hardware, Floor Manager,Clive Enuma, and his stuff continue to work, because the company they work for, has to make money and they have to earn salaries.


“We want to leave our jobs and go home, but we are working for salaries to take care of our family,” he says.


The two buildings, that housed Datec and Transport International, were the locations of the third fire in Lae’s series of fires, during the first two months of this year.


It has attracted looters throughout the week from nearby areas, even though health risks are high from the decaying food.

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