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Port Moresby
January 24, 2021

Australian Solo Kayaker Urges Papua New Guineans to Protect Marine Life

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Australian kayaker Sandy Robson, who is nearing the end of a five-year journey seeing her travel from Germany to Australia, says Papua New Guineans must appreciate the natural beauty of the country and protect it.

She is promoting the connection with nature, especially the marine environment and says plastics and garbage should not be dumped into the sea.

Robson’s next destination is Popondetta in Oro province.

Plastic is literally at everyone’s fingertips, much more than we would care to admit.

Much of the plastic, once used and carelessly discarded, eventually makes its way into the sea.

Robson advocates on promoting strong connections with nature.

As the consumption of plastic across the world increases, so does the danger to marine life.

Robson has encouraged Papua New Guineans to look after the sea and marine environment.

She says people should not throw plastics around carelessly, as it can pollute the sea and contaminate fish, a main source of protein.

In regards to her incredible trip, she is confident that she can handle the sea conditions for the rest of her time travelling around PNG.

After Popondetta she will make her way on to Alotau, before rounding out her time in PNG in Daru.


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