Australian Man Rescued

An Australian man was yesterday rescued by the crew of the Sea Hawk vessel after four days at Sea.

Allan Poulton, Captain of the Sea Hawk which docks at the Royal Port Moresby Yacht Club was informed while having lunch at the club that a distress signal had been sent some 20 miles off the coast of Port Moresby. He decided to set out in search of the yacht.    


At around 12noon, there was a call from Canberra to the Royal Port Moresby Yacht Club informing them that a distress signal had been activated some 20 miles, off the shore of Port Moresby. In receiving the call OZI- K General Manager Sharne Black, raised the alarm. 


Alan Poulton then set off on his boat Sea Hawk at around 1pm to locate the yacht. On board, the distressed yacht was Barry Blackwood.


He had sailed out from Cairns four days ago and hit a few scrolls along the way, injuring his leg on the winch. He was in a bit of trouble because he was the only one on board.


After locating the yacht they got the lone sailor on board and towed his yacht to Port Moresby. They arrived back at 7pm in the evening. 


Pacific International Hospital emergency team was on standby at the yacht club to receive the sailor and take him to the hospital where he received treatment.


According to Poulton, the Sailor seemed to be fine when they approached him at sea.

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