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Port Moresby
October 30, 2020

ATS Ethnic Clash, Suspects Handed Over

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The ATS settlement in Port Moresby came to a standstill this morning.


School children, workers and the general public were told not to leave the settlement but to march with their community leaders to the Gordons police station.

This is despite the efforts by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Andy Bawa, to resolve the ethnic clash that occurred over the weekend.


Tension is still high at the ATS settlement in Port Moresby, after a man was injured and a trade store burnt in an ethnic clash.


This morning police intervened to stop a protest march.


The community wanted to march because they thought police were trying to arrest and lockup their community leaders. But the police say it is a misunderstanding.


NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Bawa, mediated a peace ceremony yesterday.


He called on Oro Leaders to hand over their suspects who smashed the police vehicles during the ethnic clash.


Leaders from the Highlands have already handed over five of their suspects who harassed a pastor’s son, which led to the ethnic clash.


The Oro community leaders agreed to surrender the suspects by this afternoon and also meet the cost of the damages done to the police vehicles.


The ATS settlement is mostly dominated by people from the Oro Province.


The land was given to them in 2001, but over the years other ethnic groups have also come to settle there.


In the meantime, investigations are still continuing to identify cause of the ethnic clash.


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