Athletes Are Champions

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Toua Kari, father of our Commonwealth gold medalist Steven Kari, says all athletes are champions and should be proud of their performances.

It was hard for the proud father to contain his emotions when expressing his son’s superb efforts.


From humble beginnings here in this village, a star was born and raised many eyebrows but is now a Commonwealth gold medallist.


Steven Kari was trained here, under this mango tree, before the makeshift was built.


He moved to New Caledonia when he was 16, leaving behind siblings Rita Kari and two younger brothers with father Toua Kari and mother Joan Kari.


His mother was a proud woman indeed when she received the news that her son was crowned with gold.


Joan says his sister Rita has done it before and for Steven to win at the Commonwealth level is a milestone achievement for the country.


His father Toua Kari controlled his emotions and expressed gratitude to Papua New Guinea for the support.


Toua Kari could not ask for more with the best coaching support from his brother-in-law, who is the current national coach, Douglas Mea, on board to create pathways for his son.


Steven Kari lifted a total of 349kg with 149 clean and 200 jerk while Australia’s Simplice Riboune managed to lift the same kilograms but Kari’s lower body weight awarded him the win.

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