Archaeological Landscape Important to Identify Human Presence

By Eric Haurupma – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Archaeological landscape is an important manifestation of human presence in a particular area, says deputy Director for National Museum and Arts Gallery, Alois Kuaso.

This year’s International Museum Day was celebrated with the theme “Cultural Landscapes” which focusd mainly on Port Moresby’s landscapes.

Recent studies conducted at Port Moresby’s Paga Hill, Tahira and Caution Bay has established human presence in the area dating back to 2900 years.

Local Motu Koitabuans confirmed that these areas were used for hunting and gardening purposes.

In a research on Paga Hill, war relics identified have proven that the area had once been used for military purpose during the Second World War.

This historical significance has sparked the interest of archaeologists, to conduct surveys for the purpose of preserving war artefacts.

However, for land rezoning purposes, a court order was served which deliberately prevented their work.

Another survey conducted at Caution Bay by archaeologist, Dr Mathew Leavesley, from the University of Papua New Guinea, indicated the presence of Lapita Pottery dating back almost 3000 years old.

This had connections with the trend of Lapita Pottery found in the Bismark Archipelago, especially mainland PNG and as far as Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

He also said Tapini area in the Goilala area of Central Province is renowned for the earliest agriculture farming having connection with the Australia continent during the ice age.

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