APEC Leaders Spouses’ Treated to a PNG Experience

By Sharlyne Eri – EMTV News, Port Moresby 

Spouses of the APEC Economic Leaders were treated to a different experience to their husbands yesterday (November 19, 2018), when they visited the Adventure Park, outside of Port Moresby City.

The visit was part of the Spouses’ Visitation Program, where they also visited the International Convention Centre and the Museum and Arts Gallery.

Spouses of the leaders of Pacific Island countries also joined in the visitations, led by Linda Babao O’Neil, wife Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister.

The spouses began their visitation program yesterday morning, at the International Convention Centre.

They were welcomed by a traditional ‘singsing’ (performance by traditional dancers) group upon their arrival and each of them was received by the wife of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Linda Babao O’Neill.

After a brief tour of ICC, they headed across to the Museum and Art Gallery for a tour. From there, they were taken on a 15 minutes ride outside of Port Moresby, to the Adventure Park.

At the Adventure Park, they were given a red carpet welcome. Again they were greeted by traditional dancers and led into the National Orchid Garden by APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko.

Locals who set up stalls had the chance to showcase some of their artifacts and mingle with some of the spouses.

The highlight of the whole event was the launching of the APEC Garden, by Mrs. O’Neil.

The spouses were given the honor of being the first to tour the garden which had handcrafted totem poles of national animals and flowers depicting the 21 economic nations that took part in 2018 APEC in PNG.


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Sharlyne Eri

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