Another NCD School yet to receive subsidy

St Francis Primary School inthe National Capital District is anther school who has not received its first quarter tuition fee subsidy fromthe Education Department.

And this has forced teachers to send students’home at 12 noon every day.

The St Francis Primary School is located in Koki. It has a population of more than six hundred students’

It is an Anglican Agency school but it is fully funded bythe national government.

The school administration said it was forced to come tothe media because ofthe financial status it is in. The school is in zero balance.

The school administrators saythey cannot meet basic needs and also water has been cut due to non-payment.

They saythey have been following up withthe NCD Education butthey have not yet receivedthe subsidy.

Conditions of classrooms are also unconducive tothe student’s learning, and grade three students’are having classesitting onthe floor.

Since beginning of term one anther grade three class have been havingtheir classesnthe church building because of classroom shortages.

We also found out thatthe school’s board of management has not been functioning since 2011, resulting in no set project fees for this year and also inthe previous years.

Earlier this week, anther school in NCD, Phillip Aravure Primary school also complained aboutthem not receivingtheir tuition free fee subsidies.

Attempts to get a response fromthe Education Department have been unsuccessful since Monday.

Bet a response fromthe Education Minister’s office early this week was that it will have to get futher clarification fromthe Secretary to identifythe exact faults of schools who have not receivedthe free tuition fees.

Bet it maintains that no school will be left out ofthe Free Tuition fee subsidy if it has compllied with allthe guidelines and set out by Education Department.

Alice Thomas, National EMTV News

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