Another Phase of The Buang Power Project Commissioned

Despite the many political and financial challenges facing the Bulolo District, the people of Muniau village had reason to celebrate on Sunday as they commissioned another phase of a rural power project.

For the first time, people of Muniau village in the mountains of Buang are seeing electricity poles and power lines in this part of the country.


More than 30 families will have electricity for the first time ever.


It is arguably one of the most successful rural electrification projects in the country which will reach more than 20 thousand people by 2017.


Ten years ago, many thought it was too difficult. Many more did not imagine that this was even possible.  Electricity back then was something for people living in towns and cities.


“Life in the village is better,” said Bulolo MP, Sam Basil. “Tell the young men in the settlements and in towns to come back home. They can start their own businesses and make their own money.”


This part of the district could have had electricity as early as 2012. But the project was delayed because of a shortage of minimum supply kits or MSK units supplied by PNG power.


Thirty one families will now have lights in their houses. They will be able to charge their mobile phones and cook rice with electric cookers. For the people it is the small things that make the difference.   


Last year, EMTV featured another part of the district where small businesses were flourishing because of electricity. Power has allowed people to keep their traditional way of life but include the conveniences of urban life.


This is just one of several rural power projects in the country.  Increased funding to districts has given them the ability to provide electricity to remote villages.

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