Anglimp South Waghi Launches 5-Year Plan

The member for Anglimpndash;South Waghi Joe Koim has launched its five year development plan.


Witnessingthe occasion was Minister for Treasury and Kandep MP Don Polye, Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti, Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongap and Dei MP Wesley Nukundj.

Thousands gthered at Wara Komun inthe Anglimpdistrict to withnessthe occasion.


The AnglimpSouth Member Joe Koim outlined his plan for the next 5 years and appealed to his people to cooperate and developthe electorate.


“Funding will come, but it takes time, effort and planning for development,” said Koim.

Minister for Treasury and Kandep MP Don Polye commend Mr Koim for his vision and plans to bring services tothe people.


“Whther young or old, men or women, you must play your part. Your member has done his part andthe Government will support his work for inclusive growth,” said Polye.

Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti toldthe crowd thatthe cash handout mentality is over and districts will see more services.

“Fund used is from public purseand people will be proud ofthe services delivered,” Wingti said.

Jiwaka Governor Dr. William Tongap said people must changetheir attitude before development takes place.


“Commitment and extra effort by everyone is needed to build Jiwaka province,” said Tongap.

Apart from launchingthe 5 year plan,the AnglimpSouth MP presented four excavators and six sawmills tothe LLG’s inthe electorate for road upgrade and rural housing projects.


Koim also presented one-million kina to Minj Secondary and AnglimpHigh School for new double classrooms and dormitories.

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