All Girl Singing Group ‘The Vibe’ Releases First Single ‘Change’

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By Godwin Eki – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Touching hundreds with their vocal melodies and harmonies, all girls singing group, known as the Vibe, have recorded their first single under the Winepress Studio titled Change.

Apart from singing covers of their favorite international and local songs, the group is hoping to write more songs before an album could be released. Their single ‘Change’ will be made available on iTunes and Facebook for listeners to buy, later in the year. Assisted by P2UIF, the girls singing group, the Vibe, was pleased to announce their first single called ‘Change’, during the fund raiser event for P2UIF.

Vibe members says the song was originally written by Tinzey Mau and was later assisted by P2UIF to add other components to make the song complete. The single will take a few months before it can be released, for purchase online.

With a dozen covers and having released their first single, the plan is to get inspired and write more original songs. They say, one of their favourite cover, Talaigu by Barike, is one that is already loved by many, and whenever they get an opportunity to sing at a gathering, the cover, Talaigu, always gives the people chills. The group has already done a few gigs in Port Moresby, and in Brisbane, including at weddings, and funerals. In the long run, they are hoping to collaborate with other local artist. Their encouragement to aspiring female artist is to never give up and persevere.

Godwin Eki

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Godwin Eki