Ahi people under land threat

The Ahi people of Morobe,the traditional landowners of Lae City’saythey may end up with no land. They feartheir land will be lost tothe quick emergence of settlements surroundingthe city.

The growing demand of land to meetthe economic developments has post threats againstthe landowners.

Mangom Wape fromthe Bekawa which shares a common land boundary with Lae city says he wantsthe traditional inhabitants of Lae city,the Ahi people to take ownership oftheir customary land. He fears that his neighbours might lose alltheir land ifthey aren’t careful with howthey use it.

Betthe problem isn’t confined tothe landowners decisions of giving awaytheir lands through illegal land deals,the problems pends to includes poor collective political will by successive governments.

Speaking on EMTV two weeks ago, former Lae MP Bert Philemon was angry and sees this as a government neglect of customary landowners for three decades.

Late last year,the Labu people carry out a protest and closedthe multi million kina Lae Ports tidal basin project.

Bet whilethe Ahi people are willing to start a new future,the way forward in solvingthese concerns is through coordinated efforts betweenthe national governmentoprovincial government andthe landowners.

Edwin Fidelis, National EMTV News – LAE

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