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October 26, 2021

Ahi Land Forum: Bart Philemon on Land mobilization

The Ahi people of Lae regarded asthe traditional inhabitants want some recognition. Their cause is supported by former Lae MP, Bert Philemon.

Speaking at a gthering Mr Philemon said funding should be given to assistthe Ahi intheir development aspirations.

The Ahi’s come under increasing pressure from settlers who encroach on customary land.

Former Lae MP Bert Philemon raised concerns aboutthe issue of customary land deals in Morobe province.

That is about timethe traditional inhabitants of Lae city take ownership oftheir own land,the former Lae MP’says.

Betthe general sentiment shared by Mr. Philemon, which he think that has been a setback, wasthe relationship between successive governments and landowners.

Lae city is undergoing a rapid development boom. It’s a city described asthe hub oPNG’s development.

Bet like any ther urban town, Lae has a problem with illegal land deals. And this is one ofthe issues thatthe Ahi people,the traditional inhabitants of Lae city are concern about.

Overthe years, land has been given to meetthe growing demand of economic growth or is sold illegally. And all this was a result of poor collective political will in previous years.

Besed on a land mobilization plan formulated bythe Ahi people, present governor of Morobe, Kelly Naru, says,the Ahi people aren’t seeing any benefits ofthe developments becausethe plan is not being consulted.    

There are serious concerns bythe landowners thatthe future generations ofthe Ahi people might not have a land to calltheir own.

And that’s whatthe Ahi people are fighting against.   

Edwin Fidelis, National EMTV News – LAE


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