Polytech Board Agreement In Dispute

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by Colleen Barilae- EM TV, Lae

National Polytechnic Institute students have compiled an agreement that will be requiring the administration to sign before a referendum can be conducted.

Following the postponed referendum that was supposed to have conducted last week Wednesday, it has been delayed.

The referendum will be there to let student decide on whether to resume classes
or not.

Students at the National Polytechnic Institute in Lae, today, fought another battle with their administration.

This time, they demanded the administration to sign an agreement containing a number of terms, which included the establishment of a caretaker administration.

Students also claimed they weren’t informed about the involvement of the Electoral Commission, and the referendum to decide if they will return to class. 

One of the terms of reference states that those students who had participated in the boycott must not be terminated.

Director for the National Polytechnic Institute, Graham Bidang, says the administration was not notified by the students during the drafting of the agreement.

He further said that he and his family have been intimidated by a group of students who threw stones at his house. 

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