Accident at Waigani Traffic

Traffic along Waigani road was put on halt after a car anPMV bus collided.


ThPMV bus was on high speed whenthe traffic lights turned red causingthe bus to run straight intothe car.

The accident happened at around 7am yesterday morning when traffic along Waigani was busy.


Eyewithnesses saidthe bus driver was at fault in ignoringthe traffic lights.


Upon collision,the crew ofthe bus was left unconscious whilethe driver took off for his own safety.


The car driver and owner Joel Bandaluk said he was followingthe traffic lights.


“The green light was on…I followedthe queue but somehowthe bus came from nowhere and crashed with my car,” says Bandaluk.

Police arrived minutes later to assessthe situation; however, no arrest was made.


Traffic was back to normal after both vehicles were cleared offthe road.

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