A Women Group is Against Nationwide Haus Krai

There is opposition tothe Haus Krai being organized bythe &ldquoWomen ArisePNG”.

Another group calledthe LiklikInformal Besnis Meri Association says it’s demeaning tothe status of women, making women look like beggars.

They also saythe Haus Krai also has significance in PNG culture and should not be manipulated.

We foundthem seated on this grand stand atthe Jack Pidik Park inthe nation’s capital. A group of women who openly declaredthey were considered illiterate women butthey’ve madetheir place in society.

For instance Mien Ningakun no formal education, but through sear hard work now owns a property in cairns.

Another woman, Mary Kunai, took a one day coarse in tailoring and found out she was a natural. She sewedthPNG coloured blousesthe women are wearing.

They are all part ofthe Liklik informal Besnis Meri Association andthey are againstthe National Haus Krai being organised bytheWomen Arisegroup

TheWomen Arisegroup announced last month that a Nationwide Haus Krai would be staged onthe 14th of this month right through tothe 15th when parliament sits.

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