A Strong Foundation

Carrying a passage of Scripture written in her own heart language, Abu Daniels approached the rectangular foundation of the building being constructed at the Ukarumpa Training Center. She joined other teachers, students and community members in dedicating the new structure to God.

Principal Max Sahl explained that the building would have a classroom at one end, administrative offices at the other, and a conference room with book storage and a library in the middle. Although Mr. Sahl is happy that the center hosted 43 workshops and courses last year, and is on target for the same this year, he encouraged people, "Remember: this is the Lord's doing and not our own. We don't ever what to think we are the ones doing this work."

Dr. Neil Coulter, Director for Language Services, shared from I Corinthians 3:10 about building a foundation. He emphasized that in erecting this physical building, the important thing is that it be used of God to build a spiritual foundation in people's lives. He explained, "It is our hope that when students leave here they will be stronger in their faith and understand more clearly their relationship with God."

As the sun rose over the mountains, men and Women’stepped forward one by one to lay their heart-language scripture in the foundation. Later the construction team would pour cement over the verses, making them a permanent part of the building. In doing this, they demonstrated that they were building on the firm foundation of the Word of God, for the purpose of training people to translate that Word into the mother tongue languages of Papua New Guinea.

Mrs. Daniels, an elementary school teacher, speaks the Yom Kawac dialect of the Bukawa language. Remembering her children at home, she said, "My language area is in the heart of Lae City, but they go to schools that teach in the vernacular. I want my children to grow up knowing their language." Reflecting the feelings of most people present that morning, she concluded, "This was a very meaningful event. I am glad my language is written in the foundation of this building."

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