A Settlement Gets Feeder Road After 20 Years of Neglect

After 20 years of neglectosettlers living atthe Nine Mile Beushwara Settlement now have an improverd feeder road.


Asthe area is withinthe Moresby North – East Electorate, local MP Labi Amaiu saidthe road project is one ofthe top priorities approverd by his Joint District Budget Priority Committee.

The project also aims to assistthe National Capital District with its rezoning exercise.


The Beushwara settlement is located atthe back of 9Mile Cemetery outside Port Moresby.


The settlers mainly comprise people from Simbu province and a handful of thers who have settled inthe city’s outskirts in search of better job opportunities.



Mr Amaiu toldthe settlers,the road project is aimed at identifyingthe number of people living inthe area as he recognized that some settlers are public servants and key officers inthe private sector, living inthe settlements.


It will also help to properly regulate settlements. 


The land at Beushwara Settlement belongs to traditional landowners from Behori Clan of Koiari, inthe Central Province. They too were shocked thattheir land has been illegally grabbed by outsiders.


While welcomingthe service,the landowners called onthe settlers to respectthem and compensatethem well.

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