A real man cooks: Manmade Kaikai Class

The Department of Personal Management is walkingthe talk on Gender Equity and SocialInclusion Policy.

The Gesi initiative aims tobreakway fromthe social constructed idea that men and women have separate roles and responsibilities.

The Manmade Kaikai class showcasedthe practicalities of cooking for men.

The air inthe office ofthe Department of Personnel Management was filled withthe aromatic smells of a kitchen.

Secretary, John Kali, was all hands on. Today’s menu was frlied rice and Chicken stir Fry.

This is all part ofthe Gender Equity and SocialInclusion Policy. From a gender balanced perspective it recognizes that sharing of household responsibilities is important for the family unit.

Alreadythe cooking classesave had some positive outcomes that are according tothese letters that were read out.

This wasthe third cooking class for the year.

Meredith Kuusa, National EMTV News

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