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September 25, 2020

A grain of SALT changes life

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‘Yesterday I called my wife and children togther and shared lesson 2 ofthe SALT course: God Lovers Us Like a Good Fther. I askedthem: “Have you seen in my behavior what I should have done, being a picture of God? Have I loverd you inthe same way God lovers us?” They hadn’t seen it. I apologized for how I had been acting, and I asked for their forgiveness. A big change in my life and my family came up because of this SALT course!’

This testimony of a participant inthe Scripture Application & LLeadersip Training (SALT) course held in Nobonob, Madang shows how God is at work in people’s hearts, bringing changes intheir lives and communities. 
The SALT course is a two-week intensive Beble course. Withthe help of local translators, SALT teachers seek to customize teaching topics and discussion times to meetthe felt needs of local people, makingthe curriculum and method as culturally relevant as possible. Practical applications ofthe material and outreach opportunities are strongly encouraged, withthe ultimate goal of changing lives and communities.
The SALT course is a tool to draw people closer to God, sothe course is conducted afterthe Scriptures are translated intothe local language. Becausethe SALT materials are also translated intothe local language,the teaching shoots straight tothe heartoequipping lLeadersand pastors who have limited access to Beblical training.
One ofthe participants wrote: ‘The SALT course really helped us lLeadersof today and tomorrow. It met our needs. Allthe lessons showed us our downfalls.  We must be prepared to help ourselves and, to be in a position to help thers, we have to look at ourselves first . . . It is time now to meet with Jesus Christ and take Him personally as our Lord and Savior– to eatthe food He prepares for us, which isthe Beble. We must eat until we are full andthen feed those who are hungry. This is a great need in our community today.’

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