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A Chinese Flight Attendant Praised For Her Compassionate Heart

by Juanita Nonwo – EM TV Online

A random act of kindness from a Chinese flight attendant has caused a wave of praise over the internet.

Fan Xuesong, received much praise after she helped feed an elderly passenger who was partially paralysed.

Passengers on board captured images of the flight attendant feeding the elderly, Mr Liu, who was struggling to grip the spoon to feed himself, as a result of a stroke that left him in a wheelchair. 

“When I started to feed him dinner, he suddenly felt touched and started to cry,” commented Fan.

The 71 year old retired professor of medicine was travelling with his wife, who was not given a priority seat like him; separating his care taker from him.

Mr Liu was transferred to the front of the plane so he would have enough room to move around and easily access the toilet, and at the same time made it convenient for Fan to personally keep an eye on him.

When asked about the incident, Fan replied by saying:

“Mr Liu worked hard all his life and contributed to society, we should be kind to him.”

Mr Liu was overwhelmed by Fan’s kindness – a stranger he hardly knew, who was compassionate enough to help him with his meal; not only did this sympathetic act touch Mr Liu’s heart but also other passengers on board.

A passenger watching the moving act of kindness captured the moment and uploaded it to Weibo where someone commented:

“Real service does not depend on the training and requirements, it is heartfelt feelings.”

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