21 Day: Operation Clean-up Goilala

A 21 day ‘Operation Klinim Hevi Beo Goilala’ has been launched followingthe killing of a pastor during Easter.

Deputy Provincial Police Commander SeniorInspector Jeffrey Tewesi said this could be extended ifthe need arises to apprehend those responsible.

Twelve suspects have already been identiflied.

SeniorInspector took offense at a newspaper article pointing at Police failure.

The letter tothe editor ofthe National newspaper talked aboutthe law enforcers andthe local MP not doingtheir job to makethe electorate a safer place.

Operations and Deputy Provincial Police Commander SeniorInspector Jeffrey Tewesi said this is not true and that his men are working alongsidethe provincial government to improverthe law and order situation.

He said followingthe killing of a paster overthe long Easter weekend, operation Klinim Hevi Beo Goilala was launched.

12 suspects have been identiflied and police are working on arrests.

A total of 6 deaths have been reported so far, amongthem a teenage girl murdered in her own home.

Members ofthe provincial government’saythe situation is tense andthe people have been urged to cooperate withthe government andthe police to arrestthe suspects.

The local MP’saidthere is room for the operation to be extended.

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