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2018 DWU Missioning Ceremony

By Martha Louise – EMTV News, Madang

EMTV’s Lae Bureau Chief, Scott Waide, has encouraged final year students of Divine Word University to identify their purpose in what they are doing so that it has meaning to them.

Mr. Waide, who gave the keynote address during the 7th Missioning ceremony of the university, encouraged the students to find their calling or higher purpose.

He said finding a higher purpose in what they do, will ensure that they leave behind a lasting legacy.

EMTV’s Bureau Chief took the students on a personal journey he took 10 years ago when he started as a freshman at the university.

Mr. Waide told students his journey had brought him to where he is and helped him found his higher calling or purpose in life.

“I wasn’t just telling the stories now, with this knowledge that I had gained and the understanding that I had, I was writing with a purpose. I was writing with a higher purpose. I told other people about the difficulties that my people faced,” said Mr. Waide,” It started a process of education for the country and for the people around that area.”

Mr Waide told the final year students finding a greater purpose is not about themselves. But about those around them, including their family and friends.

“The bottom line is – that high purpose is never about you. It’s about everyone around you. It’s about your community, your family, people you don’t know and ultimately it’s about the planet.”

Divine Word University has started inviting former students back to the university, to talk to its final year students on what to expect out in the workforce, after completing their studies.

This year’s Missioning Ceremony EMTV’s Lae Bureau Chief and former student, Scott Waide to give the keynote address to the 336 students.

Divine Word University President, Professor Cecilia Nembou said, “in the last three years, we have been inviting our old alumni to come and share with our fourth years, what they expect in the workplace.”

The missioning Ceremony is an annual event introduced by the university in 2011, as an occasion to mark the completion of studies by final year students.

The students received a DWU pendant in the shape of a cross, after it was blessed, to indicate that students are now ready to go into the workforce.

“During the four years, that they have been here, we expect that they have submitted themselves to the core values of the university,” said the DWU President.

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