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June 24, 2021
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Telikom Foundation Reaches Out

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By Elizabeth Guka – EMTV News Cadet Journalist

The Telikom Foundation is set to go into its joint e-learning pilot project with the Mineral Resource Authority.

Upon the signing of an MOU with MRA on Friday (04 January, 2019), in Port Moresby, Telikom Foundation will be partnering with the MRA to establish an e-learning project to help develop communities located in mining areas in the country.

With the assistance of MRA, Telikom will set up a pilot e-learning project, as a trial, starting off with the Simberi Mine.

Through such projects as the e-learning project, Telikom Foundation seeks to reach out to people in the remote parts of PNG to bring necessary services.

The pilot program in Simberi gold mine in the New Island Province will look at developing schools and communities through the establishment of e-learning facilities and services, and other necessary communication facilities and platforms used in rural areas which will be provided by Telikom.

Telikom Foundation Coordinator, Yolanda Bafmatuk, highlighted the significance of the project.

“It is not just about the foundation, but Telikom as an entity, a company on its own. It’s a significant moment because we are now able to do more schools, or to impact more people. And with the MRA now coming on board with this partnership is significant, and we are able to go and reach the remote areas, “she said.

Both Companies are looking to work together to ensure that they reach out to local communities in the mining areas in implementing this e-learning pilot program.

The e-learning pilot program will help to add value to the other projects that have already been established in the mining communities.

Mineral Resource Authority Project Coordination Manager, John Ipidari, says the concept of the project is also new for MRA.

“It is something that is new to us, and obviously this project will add value to the other things that we do in the project areas,” he said.

Through the e-learning project, Telikom in partnership with MRA will reach out to rural communities in the mining areas in providing internet services, as well as other e-learning related services, and necessary infrastructure.

Bafmatuk said, “Having to just provide that in a community that does not have that is one that will be immense, it will be huge. “It will also bring opportunities, for example, trainings to done in the remote areas and accessibility to information. “If you are talking about internet, that’s the world’s largest library, so you can imagine having one person living in a remote area being able to access the world largest library.”

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