Two Expat Doctors to serve in Belolo

People of Belolo will soon have two volunteer doctors serving inthe district.

Local MP and Shadow Minister for Health Sam Besil and District Administrator Tae Guambelek sealedthe deal withthe National Volunteer Service, who will organizethe recruitment ofthe doctors fromthe Philippines.

Over K150, 000 from Belolo’s joint planning and budget priority committee will be used to bring inthe volunteer doctors. They will be placed for two years in Mumeng and Wau, where majority ofthe district’s one hundred thousand plus population lives.

Mr Besil saidthe doctors should be intheir respective posts this April.

He is also calling onthe health ministry to put more incentives in national doctors sothey can servethe eighty nine districts.

Meantime,the Mumeng and Wau health centres are being run by community health workers and health extension officers.

NVS will be seeking assistance fromthe Philippines Volunteer Services Coordination Authority to recruitthe volunteer doctors.

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