Tough travelling on the Wewak-Aitape Highway

The Wewak-Aitape Highway, also known as the Sepik Highway, is a 177.4 km stretch of road in the East Sepik Province that is mostly unsealed.

The highway was given a K9.9 million funding  for road repairs in 2014. The road repairs were carried out by contractor, Green Hill Investment Limited.

Rodney, a Mi Ripota from Wewak  says, much of the highway is still in bad condition, and can only be accessed by four-wheel drive vehicles.

He added that this highway provides a vital infrastructure for rural people to access services.

Department of Works Secretary, David Wereh, confirms that plans are underway for continued work on the Sepik Highway with K10 million awarded to previous contractor, Green Hill Investments Limited.

He pointed out that, main regional highways are funded under the National Government’s Road Program which is different from the government’s recent loan announcement with ADB.

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