Supreme Court Reference on PMMR Act 2017 In Litigation

By Meriba Tulo РEMTV News, Port Moresby 

The Supreme Court Reference on the Public Money Management Regularization Act 2017 went before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia on Monday this week, with all parties represented.

The Ombudsman Commission had sought a Supreme Court Reference on the PMMR Act, which came into effect on the 9th of April this year (2018), transferring 90 percent of all Government Authorities’ accounts to the Department of Finance.

Parties to this Supreme Court Reference include the Ombudsman Commission as the Referrer, the Public Solicitor as First Intervener, Secretary of National Judicial Staff Services as the Second intervener, Sheriff of National Court & Supreme Court as Fourth intervener, and the Attorney General as Fifth intervener.

The matter returns to court for further directions tomorrow (July 12).

Meriba Tulo

is a Senior Reporter and Presenter and currently anchors Resource PNG as well as EMTV's daily National News.

Meriba Tulo
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