PNG Karate-Do Selects Top Four Athletes to Take Part at Mini Pacific Games

Identified as the country’s top kata and kumite fighters, Karate-Do President, Karl Mari, strongly believes all four fighters will do well after showing their worth during the 2015 Pacific Games.

He says, while he expected to see more than 4 fighters, the justification committee only required top 4.

All four fighters will compete between the 50kg and 70kg divisions.

Nigel Bana will compete in kumite in the 60kg division, while Quinton Bogan and Cosmas Saliawali will compete in the 65kg division. The only female in the team, Crystal Mari, will be competing under the 55kg division in both kumite and kata.

He says from the four competitors, one athlete will be selected to compete in the open division through the competition.

Before the four athletes departed for Vanuatu, two fighters from the team, Nigel Bana and Quinton Bogan will travel to Okinawa, Japan.

Godwin Eki

has been a Sports Reporter since he started work with Media Niugini Limited in 2013, under News and Production. Coming from a background in Nursing and Paramedics from Queensland, Australia, he finds it interesting covering sports from the community level right through to the regional level. Hoping to one day tap into reporting on PNG politics, economics, environmental issues and other challenges Papua New Guineans face, he’s also covered stories on a variety of topics other than sports. His philosophy is: Believe, Act and Pursue.

Godwin Eki

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