O’Neill eyes Oil-rich Qatar as trade partner

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill whilst meeting with Qatar’s Minister of Economy and Commerce, Ahmed Bin Jassim Bin Mohammed Al-Thani, in Doha last night, said there are several opportunities that the country can take advantage of.

“Qatar has an economy that shares several economic synergies with Papua New Guinea, particularly in the oil and gas sector,” PM O’Neill said from Doha.

“Over the past decade, they have built a leading presence in the LNG sector and works with several of the same companies as Papua New Guinea.

O’Neill said the Oil-rich nation’s experience on developing spin-offs from it’s oil reserves can present vital lessons for the country.

One of these areas is for a partnership in the Agriculture sector.

“Strengthening domestic food security in Papua New Guinea, as well as expanding our export markets, is essential for our country.

“We have such enormous potential in our agricultural sector, but we cannot do this alone,” O’Neill said.

While in Doha, the Prime Minister also met with the Governor of the Central Bank of Qatar, Abdula Mohamad Al-Thani.

The meet would pave ways the governments can meet on managing money generated from the Oil and Gas industries.

Prime Minister O’Neill will meet today with Qatar’s Prime Minister, Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani, to open discussion on forming partnerships.

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