Marat, Bomareo to oversee Constitutional Law Reform Commititee

Dr Allan Marat, the Member for Rabual and Dr Kobby Bomarea, Member for Tewai-Siassi were sworn in today as Commissioners of the Constitutional Law Reform Committee (CLRC).

CLRC Chairman Robert Atiyafa, said the Commission had a vital role to play in the development of the country.

Sworn in by Deputy Chief Magistrate Dessie Magaru, Marat and Bomarea, are now able to supervise and actively participate in the work of the CLRC.

There is a total of 7 Commissioners which includes the Chairman and Member for Hengonofi, Robert Atiyafa.

Dr Allan Marat said he would do his best as a Commissioner.

Adding that there is an issue with enforcement and implementation of the many laws that make up the Papua New Guinea’s Constitution.

He said, while the law itself may be the best guide to human activity, it is implementation and enforcement that needs to be looked at.

Meanwhile, the Commission is hoping to review election laws in the upcoming years.

Adelaide Sirox Kari

Adelaide's current role in the News Department is as a Political Reporter covering cross-cutting issues on gender based and other social issues,

Adelaide Sirox Kari

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