Electricity After 30 Years for Elte, Pinambi of Hagen Central

After more than 30 years as settlers, the Elte and Pinambi people of Hagen Central, have received electricity.

More than 5,000 people will now benefit from the rural electrification project.

The project was spearheaded by the local Whagi Hox Association.

The people from the Whagi Hox area have never received electricity in the past, even though they live in the Hagen Central area of Baisu.

In 2007, they formed the Whagi Hox Association comprising of three tribes, the Elte, Pinambi and Wia people.

Their main aim is to use the Association to bring basic services and developments into their area.

After 10 years, they received their first funding of K250, 000 from their local member, William Duma.

The money was used to set up the 4.3 kilometers of the Rural Electrification project.

The Elte, Pinambi and Wia people of Hagen Central have a long and interesting history of how they are scattered.

Some of their tribesmen now live at the Baisu area of Hagen central while others live at the Dei Council and Mul-Baiyer electorates.

Their elders told EMTV News they are the landowners of the Rabiamul area just near Mt Hagen City.

However, due to tribal fight, they were chased away and are now scattered all over Western Highlands Province.

A spokesperson Joseph Tepi said for the first time they have been recognised by a Member of Parliament.

Even though they never voted Duma in the recent and past elections, they are now recognised.

Whagi Hox Chairman, Peter Pet said this is a dream come through for them and is looking forward to be working to bring more services into his area.

Vasinatta Yama

graduated from Divine Word University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, with majors in Journalism and Public Relations, as well as minors in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. Her current focus is reporting on court and crime stories as part of the news team. She constantly strives to improve her skills in investigative reporting.

Vasinatta Yama

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