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Eda Ranu Conducts Water Resilience Test Before APEC

By Staycey Yalo, EMTV News, Port Moresby

As part of Eda Ranu’s continuous effort to provide quality and adequate water supply during the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November this year, the company has recently conducted a water resilience test with minimal effects.

The test is an ongoing activity that will be carried out by Eda Ranu till November to ensure additional quantity of water that will be demanded during the meeting, is of quality and does not affect the existing water system and Port Moresby residents as well.

The resilience test was said to be successful with minimal impact on the rest of the water system. It was to see if the anticipated quantity of 5 million litres could be handled without compromising the quality of water to Port Moresby residents and the APEC visitors.

The test was conducted with the assistance of an Australian Consultant, Andrew Kirkwood. Kirkwood said the test had also helped Eda Ranu identify low pressure areas and identify a number of leaked pipes that need to be fixed.

Eda Ranu advises its customers that the water testing exercise will continue through to November. The components of the testing include a water quality testing every week and monthly water testing by overseas laboratories and the quantity testing to meet the demands for water during APEC.

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